Project Description

Dye Hard is a 2D rogue-like side-scroller game for PC that my group and I are developing as our major project. Having never worked with the 2D side of Unity, we decided that we would challenge ourselves and aim to create a 2D pixel art-styled game.

Having improved my C# programming skills during the development of City Of A Thousand Lights, I have been assigned the role of Lead Programmer in the production of Dye Hard. My goal throughout this project is to further my knowledge of C#, as well as improve my understanding of the features that Unity offers for developing 2D games.

Game Description

Dye Hard is a game in which the player plays as a rabbit named Sen. Having lived his whole life colourless, Sen embarks on a quest to find and obtain his colour. Throughout the game, Sen slowly begins to gain his vibrant pigments of colour through the levels the player completes. The levels in the game are intentionally designed to be difficult in order to challenge the player’s abilities. They are also designed in a way in which they will retain replay value and keep the player immersed through interesting mechanics and the underlying theme of colour.

Game Details

Client: N/A
Date: December 8, 2017.
Genre: Action/Roguelike
Price: Free
Skills: Unity 2D, Adobe Photoshop


January 22, 2018

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