Game Description

MathPop is an educational game I made as my major project in grade 12 for the subject Software Design & Development. The game is intended to improve problem solving skills by giving the player 60 seconds to answer as many math questions as possible. There are 3 difficulties; easy, medium and hard. The user is also able to select which operation they would like to play; addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. MathPop can also save the user’s recent scores.

MathPop is completely free to download!

(To run the game, unzip > MathPop > MathPop > WindowsApplication1 > WindowsApplication1 > bin > Debug > WindowsApplication1.exe).

MathPop was made before I changed my legal name to Dave Gulati, so you may see “Anurag Gulati” as the creator (don’t worry, that’s me)!

Game Details

Client: N/A
Date: December 2, 2014.
Genre: Educational
Price: Free
Skills: Microsoft Visual Basic, Adobe Photoshop


December 2, 2014

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